• zero emissions and climate resiliance
  • energy, water and food autonomy
  • animals as friends not food
  • space colonization

What is the difference?

Earth Mars
Light 1361 W/sqm 586 W/sqm
Temperature 288 K 210 K
Pressure 101325 Pa 600 Pa

The primary function of a biosphere on Mars is to provide pressurization, heating and additional lighting.

The primary function of a biosphere on Earth is to provide heating and cooling and to withstand the forces of nature (wind, rain, snow,...).

For Space Exploration

There have been many Mars Simulations / Analog Mission but most of them were limited to a few weeks and focused on some outdoor activities in the desert.

The International Space Station ISS is arguably the only artificial biosphere which has been inhabited for more than 21 years but it is heavily dependent on resupply mission from Earth and it costs a fortune to operate.

There have been more or less successfull attempts at building and operating a biosphere on Earth, most notably the Biosphere 2 project in Arizona which aimed to become an Arche Noah rather than an efficient self-sustaining biosphere.

So far there has been no attempts at building and operating a crewed bisophere on european soil.

For Climate and Sustainability

Some people clain that zero emissions would mean to live like before the industrial revolution.

This is simply not true. We only need to abandon fossil fuels, not our technology and living in a biosphere with green plants, fresh fruits and vegetables and without the need to commute to work or to go shopping could actually be very comfortable.

For Earth Sciences

The first attempts at creating closed ecosystems go back to 1842 when Dr. Nathaniel Bagshaw Ward published a book "On the Growth of Plants in Closely Glazed Cases".

But 180 years later we have still not managed to create a closed ecosystem which could indefinitely sustain humans in space or on another planet.

Doing so would greatly benefit our understanding of the biosphere we live in.

For Municipalities

Both the Mars Desert Research Station and the Biosphere II Project have become landmark attractions to both tourists and scientists.

For Animal Lovers

Do we really need to accomodate the carnivorous cravings of astronauts in space or colonists on Mars?

No animal has ever been slaughtered on martian soil and a new planet could be a a chance for peaceful coexistance and a new understanding.

It is the stated long-term goal of this project to establish a second biosphere on Mars where mice and man can live as equals.

For Media

When Star Trek first aired in 1966 many things which have since become part of our everyday life have been new and unfamiliar concepts:

  • mobile communication
  • speaking with computers
  • non-lethal weapons
  • replicators
  • ...

Self-sustaining biospheres have been an important feature in many movies, notably "Mission to Mars" and "Sunshine", but they have not become a reality - yet.

"Big Brother", "Expedition Robinson", "Lost", and "I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here!" have been very successful tv series focusing on social group dynamics.

I am proposing to build on the success of these shows but to focus on the technical aspects of living in a biosphere and human / animal interactions instead.

Daily or weekly reports from the Biosphere could include:

  • State of the Biosphere
    • Plant Growth
    • Oxygen
  • Science trivia
    • Biospheres
    • Technology
    • Biology
    • Mars: What would be different?
  • Science Show
    • Cloning Plants
  • Interactive Questions

For Life on Earth

Climate change is escalating extreme weather conditions, especially heatwaves and drought, which are threatening human and animal life and food security.

Climatized buildings can protect the inhabitants from extreme heat but they depend on external supplies of food and energy thereby aggrevating the underlaying problem of climate change.

A self-sustaining biosphere would protect its inhabitants and their food supply from environmental extremes and power outages and the planet from harmful carbon dioxide emissions.

Do we want to have a future like "Mad Max" where people are fighting each other over food, fuel and water or do we want to have a future where people can live peacefully?

For Investors

The aim of this project is not to create a commercial startup but rather a permanent research station.

I am putting the idea, design of the biosphere and all associated inventions in the public domain to prevent future patents on technology needed to survive climate change and colonize Mars.

Although this project is not for profit it can provide an invaluable return of investment by paving the way for the future of housing and the colonization of Mars. It also presents a unique opportunity to show that you care about planet Earth and the future of humanity.

For Science

How much area, volume and light, and how many and which combination of plants are required to sustain a person with oxygen and a healthy plant based diet?

  • Environment: Light, Oxygen, CO2
  • Plant growth and harvest
  • Medical: Body weight and nutritional deficiencies

Why Me?

First and most important:
Because I want to do this.

I have always been serious when I said that I want to live in a biosphere on Mars and I have been saying this for a long time.

If I could buy a ticket and board a rocket, I would. But before SpaceX can start selling tickets to Mars, they will need to have a biosphere, where tourists can at least wait for their return flight.

Being the first person to live in a self-designed and self-sustaining biosphere and volunteering to replicate this experiment on Mars could very well earn me a front-row seat on one of the first rockets.

Why Mice?

Mice are very small but closely related to us. They have similar nutritional needs but do not consume a lot of food and are often used as a model for the human organism in medicine.

Mice are also very intelligent and capable of complex vocalizations at ultrasonic frequencies which we can neither hear nor produce due to physiological constraints.

This is like hearing a conversation through a wall. We can hear someone is talking but we cannot recognize the word because the higher frequencies are missing. Using modern technology it is possible to shift the frequencies and remove that invisible wall. The video below are the vocalizations of baby mice played at 1/10th the normal speed and frequency.

For Prepper

Are you tired of eating canned food?

No matter if you are afraid off a pandemic, a nuclear war, an energy crisis or global food shortage, this is the solution for you!